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My 2021's photo assignments
eva marie uzcategui
Jan 27, 2022
Location: Miami
It's not until you look back that you discover how much you did and how much you learned in a year.  
I felt reflected in some stories, and I also felt like an outsider in others. I've always enjoyed my work because without a doubt it is something I am passionate about and I love it very much.

I wandered between fun, laughter, tears, and pain.
I learned from my colleagues, we shared not only information but even a last little packet of peanuts to help each other.

I've hugged strangers, I was helped by a fellow "competitor" when I couldn't find where to sleep in the middle of a hurricane. I got wet in the rain. I've traveled in cars, planes, and boats... I ran, and I laughed again. I got very stressed, I cried again... I felt fear, and I felt excitement. But what I felt most is gratitude.

To many of you, thank you.

Now, let's see how we can make 2022 even better.

Eva Marie Uzcategui - Photographer

Freelance photographer based in Miami, FL. Available for photojournalism and documentary photography assignments.
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